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Mission of graphics task force to expand in 2012


The mission of the Northland Community Council's Graphics Task Force, already expanded from the initial goal of clearing illegal signs from public rights of way, will expand even further in the coming year.

Coordinator William Logan, in looking ahead to 2013, indicated that the task force will begin working on violations in regard to the city's zoning code, in addition to continuing to grapple with illegal signs, graffiti and graphics code infractions in the Northland area.

Logan initially proposed formation of the task force in December 2009 "to combat the placement of illegal signs in the public right of way in the Northland area through education of the public and business community, direct volunteer removal of signs and recycling of signs." The NCC members on hand at the January 2010 meeting unanimously approved its creation, and since then, Logan and his volunteers have plucked thousands of signs off utility poles and out of medians.

A decline in the number of signs was already noted by the end of the task force's first year of operation, and since then, according to Logan's assessment, the illegal postings have declined by half in 2011 and again this past year.

He now plans to introduce zoning issues as a natural outgrowth of the reasons behind the task force.

"We look forward to opportunities to educate the business and residential communities on the existing and expanded mission of the task force and gain their support and cooperation," Logan wrote in an email discussing plans for 2013.

He also outlined three special projects to be undertaken by the task force this year, all designed to "enhance the visual environment" of the neighborhood.

These include:

* Addressing commercial Dumpster sites and bringing them into code compliance.

* Verifying the status of private advertising benches along rights of way and removing unpermitted locations.

* Checking the expansion of unregulated donation drop boxes along rights of way.

Task Force volunteers, along with continuing to remove signs, will also participate in the regularly scheduled community cleanups along East Dublin-Granville Road.

As president of the Karmel Woodward Park Civic Association, a member of the Northland Alliance board and co-chairman of the NCC development committee, Logan also pledged in 2013 to assist in revising and updating the Northland Plan I, a process already being undertaken by city personnel.

He added that he would also like to:

* Promote the need for a community center available to all Northland residents and provide for a community focus.

* Support the efforts to relocate and expand the police and fire station from the intersection of Morse and Karl roads.

* Support redevelopment growth to replace business losses along the commercial corridors and encourage new business growth.

* Support efforts to introduce community art.

* Promote revised legislation to buffer commercial from residential construction.