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Three of four NCC officers will serve again

Leadership for the Northland Community Council will remain largely unchanged for 2013.

President Emmanuel V. Remy, Vice President Gerry O'Neill and Secretary Brandon L. Boos are assured of being elected to another term at the Feb. 5 council session.

Nominating committee chairman John Kirkpatrick reported at last week's first meeting of the year that his several emails in December seeking people willing to serve as officers had been largely unsuccessful, save for three of the four current officeholders who indicated a willingness to stay on.

Kirkpatrick did say that Sandy LaFollette, the current treasurer, had told him she would like to step down from that post, but no one had so far stepped up to take her place.

"I'll do it until we get somebody," said LaFollette, who is co-chairwoman of the North Side Health Advisory Committee.

She also offered to help train her replacement in putting together the monthly reports and keeping track of the NCC's various accounts.

"It's really a pretty easy job," LaFollette said, with the weeks leading up to the annual awards banquet and Fourth of July Parade being the busiest periods for the treasurer.

When Kirkpatrick opened the floor to nominations at the monthly session, as is required by the council's bylaws at the January meeting, all were silent.

The election is held at the second meeting of the year, also dictated in the bylaws.

-- Kevin Parks