The Northland Community Council has a new website.

The Northland Community Council has a new website.

After years of a static Internet presence at, a new site that will be updated frequently has been created by council Secretary Brandon L. Boos, who works an information technology analyst when he's not volunteering with NCC or the Salem Civic Association.

The new address, to which those clicking on the old one will be automatically redirected, is

"It's still a work in progress, but we're coming along really quite well," NCC President Emmanuel V. Remy said. "It's pretty robust."

According to the website home page, the NCC is "a coalition of civic associations, homeowners committees and other community groups.

"Incorporated by the city of Columbus in 1964, the NCC has promoted the development of northeastern Columbus, fostered goodwill among residents, raised the standards of civic responsibility and community welfare, and coordinated the activities of civic organizations throughout the area for nearly five decades.

"It represents over 125,000 area residents and works with Columbus City Council, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, and a wide array of other city, county, state and nonprofit organizations to continuously enhance the prosperity and quality of life enjoyed throughout the Northland community," the website says.

The site includes the organization's bylaws as well as a list of member organizations, Boos said. Increasingly, as his requests are met, he said member groups will be profiled on the site, as will their representatives at the NCC's monthly meetings.

"We want to give folks an idea of who all is NCC and, back in the neighborhoods, who all is representing them at NCC," Boos said.

Also included on the site are the council's various committees, a membership application form and a calendar of events to which member organizations may add items.

"We want it to be a resource for everyone, rather than a page that just sits out there so we can say we have one," Boos said.