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Development committee

Logan chosen vice chairman of NCC panel


The Northland Community Council's development committee once again has a vice chairman.

Committee members decided during last week's monthly session to have titles suit actions and elected William Logan to the post, according to Chairman Dave Paul.

In doing so, they rewarded him for his often dogged questioning of applicants, exhaustive research into proposals and detailed knowledge of city rules and regulations.

Paul, who took over as the committee's acting chairman in 2011 and then became chairman after stepping down from many consecutive terms as Northland Community Council president, said the idea of once again filling the vice chairmanship had been considered for some time.

He added that the vote last week was taken after members saw little need for much discussion.

"I think that's good news for the committee," Paul said. "I really didn't like the idea of not having a second. For the most part, Bill has been doing the job anyway, doing a lot of the legwork.

"I'm happy to have him backing me up and in some cases taking the lead."

Logan is also coordinator of the NCC's Graphics Task Force and president of the Karmel Woodward Park Civic Association.