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Survey designed to 'recharge' NABA


The Northland Area Business Association's board of trustees last week launched an effort to "build a better organization."

Those attending the group's first quarterly luncheon found a "strategic planning survey" on their seats as they arrived at Monaco's Palace. Later in the week, an email blast went out to all members containing the same document.

It's all part of what NABA President Mohammad Ashraf told luncheon attendees is a desire "to start this year in a new spirit," and in the process, increase membership and the services offered to the association, which was established in 1999.

"That is the goal of NABA," Ashraf said.

"We want your input, we need your input," program chairman Chuck Wolfe said at the gathering.

The survey is intended to help with an effort to "recharge the organization," Wolfe said.

The board of directors for NABA was to meet this week to get that process started, he added.

The survey asked five questions:

* What is one thing NABA could do better?

* What is one strength of NABA?

* What is one weakness of NABA?

* What is one threat for NABA?

* What is one opportunity for NABA?

The email asked that responses be sent electronically to or by fax to 614-888-4129.