Northland Community Council members last week unanimously adopted a budget for 2013-14 that, by design, has as much money going out as coming in.

Northland Community Council members last week unanimously adopted a budget for 2013-14 that, by design, has as much money going out as coming in.

"Our goal is to try to work within that budget," Treasurer Roseann Hicks said.

Representatives of civic associations and other member organizations on hand for the monthly meeting approved the proposal on a voice vote.

The budget shows anticipated income of $5,625 from association dues assessments for the annual awards banquet (scheduled for this evening, Thursday, April 11) and dinners at the event.

Expenses also add up to $5,625, and include such items as dinners at the banquet, the premium for an insurance policy, the annual summer picnic and maintaining a website.

The NCC is a nonprofit organization, Hicks pointed out, and as such, income and expenses should cancel one another out.

Hicks said an audit committee, required under the NCC's bylaws, has met but has not signed off on a letter giving a green light to the organization's finances because it is awaiting review of two additional bank statements. That letter should be ready for the full council's approval next month.

Also at last week's gathering, Secretary Brandon L. Boos reported that one member association has not had a representative attend a monthly meeting for 12 straight months. That makes the Peppertree Condominium Association eligible for expulsion, Boos said.

He proposed sending a letter about this possibility to the last address on file for a representative of the association. If there is no response by the NCC's next meeting on Tuesday, May 7, Boos said he would ask for a vote removing the condo owners' group.

He said such an action is not intended to be punitive but rather to ensure the council has a quorum at monthly meetings. Boos also pointed out that reapplying for membership is a relatively simple and painless process.

Albany Park Civic Association representative Bob Thurman, however, said expelling a member of the council that's not in arrears as far as dues are concerned troubled him. He suggested making such organizations inactive members.

That would require a change in the bylaws, Hicks said.

Then change the bylaws, Thurman countered.

"We won't thrive if we're made up of dues-paying organizations that aren't active," NCC President Emmanuel V. Remy said.

The NCC's new website is up and running, Boos said, although some member organizations have yet to submit short profiles of their communities and their representatives to the meetings. He also said the site has a calendar of events for NCC activities and those member organizations, as well.

"We want that to be a quick window into what's going on in Northland," Boos said.

Finally, during his president's report, Remy said he continues to beat the bushes for development opportunities in the neighborhood, going so far as to approach the owner of a local restaurant chain at a wedding he happened to be attending. Remy noted that Northland Village being developed on the site of the former Northland Mall contains an outparcel that would be "perfect" for a 10,000-square-foot establishment such as an International House of Pancakes.

Remy said he feels any restaurant opening along the Morse Road corridor would be successful.

"You could almost guarantee it," he said. "We keep trying to fight the good fight."