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Northland Area Business Association president resigns after Columbus officials close his hotel


The president of the Northland Area Business Association acceded to the wishes of the organization and stepped down last week, after city officials closed a motel of which he was part owner, citing prostitution and drug activities uncovered during a lengthy police investigation.

Mohammad Ashraf resigned a few days after the Columbus Inn and Suites, 6121 Zumstein Drive, was closed June 12.

NABA Vice President Dave Cooper will assume the president’s duties.

When news that Ashraf and his wife were part owners of the facility spread, Cooper said he drafted a letter of resignation on the NABA president’s behalf and asked him to voluntarily step down.

“He agreed and that was it,” Cooper said. “It was not a big deal in terms of how it happened. We feel very badly that it did happen, but we felt that this was in the best interests of NABA.”

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