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November ballot

Remy urges support for city's bond package


Northland Community Council President Emmanuel V. Remy last week urged civic association and other representatives to vote in favor of a city bond package that will appear on the November ballot.

At the July NCC meeting, Remy took the opportunity during his president's report to say he had readily agreed to testify before Columbus City Council on behalf of the administration regarding the four bond issues that would fund infrastructure and other improvements through 2018.

The $842-million package of bonds would back projects for water and sewer systems, street lighting, street repaving, bridge repair and refuse-collection equipment, parks and bike paths and police and fire equipment, along with more surveillance cameras in neighborhoods and improvements to the crime lab.

"These are things I implore everyone to vote for," Remy said last week. "Hopefully, you'll find yourself able to vote in favor of that in November."

Approving the bond package would allow the city to borrow money at an even better rate than already guaranteed by its financial standing, he added.

Some NCC representatives claimed the projects identified so far in the bond package proposals don't have much of direct benefit to the Northland area.

"It does seem a little light for as big as our area is," Remy admitted.

However, he pointed out that details of the projects to be covered by bond money aren't yet set in stone, and the NCC can lobby for Northland-specific improvements as time goes by.

"We've been successful in the past," Remy said. "They haven't overlooked us altogether."

Dave Paul, chairman of the NCC development committee, said he understands people being concerned about, "What's in it for Northland?" But he pointed out that some of the major projects to be supported by the $842 million bond package would benefit every resident of Columbus.

People from the Northland area use streets in other parts of town that will be repaved or repaired with bond funds, Paul said.

Water and sewer upgrades benefit everyone, he added.

Some parts of Northland on the eastern edges of the NCC's coverage area may get parks and perhaps recreation centers, Remy chimed in.

The largest of the bond proposals is $445.3 million, which would be used to maintain water and sewer systems and comply with Ohio Environmental Protection Agency standards on wastewater runoff and treatment.