Sometimes, things just come together.

Sometimes, things just come together.

It is purely by accident that the next Northland Community Cleanup Day on state Route 161 will coincide with a major Keep Columbus Beautiful litter-collection campaign, according to Dave Cooper, chairman of the Northland Area Business Association's State Route 161 Task Force.

Both the East Dublin-Granville Road spruce-up and the "PICK IT UP" initiative of Keep Columbus Beautiful will fall on Saturday, Sept. 7. The Route 161 cleanup, an ongoing effort to remove trash from the shoulders and median of one of the Northland area's major corridors, will run from 9 a.m. to noon.

Volunteers should meet at the Sharon Woods Center at the intersection of East Dublin-Granville Road and Sharon Woods Boulevard, to receive bags, gloves, safety vests and tools.

Trash is collected along state Route 161 between Interstate 71 and Ponderosa Drive.

According to the city's website, "PICK IT UP" is the city's first communitywide litter campaign. The three-word name "is a call to action message designed to empower the individual citizen, in every age group and economic demographic, to create a clean neighborhood through social responsibility."

The campaign urges people to organize neighborhood cleanups for Sept. 7 as part of the Columbus Volunteer Challenge.

"It just so happens that our date coincided with their date, so we are just going to do our thing as usual and do it in conjunction with the mayor's campaign," Cooper said. "We certainly hope that people are back from vacation and getting back into school schedule and work schedule, and we hope to get a good turnout."

One group that won't be able to help with the cleanup, Cooper said, is the Beechcroft High School football team, now that its season is underway.

"We've invited the other sports teams at the school to participate, and we hope to have our regular volunteers from Sharon Woods and Forest Park and any of the other civics that are participating," Cooper said. "We'll hope for good weather ... and pick up as much as we can."

There will probably only be two more Route 161 cleanups this year, he added, with the final one just after Election Day in November.