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NCC may drop July meeting, members who don't attend


The Northland Community Council would not have an official meeting for voting purposes from June to September, under a proposal aired at last week's monthly session by President Emmanuel V. Remy.

During his report to the representatives of member organizations, Remy said he and Secretary Brandon V. Boos have discussed the idea of changing the NCC bylaws to eliminate the requirement for a formal meeting in July.

That's because it almost always falls on a date that is close to the major Independence Day Parade the NCC sponsors.

"To me, it would make a lot of sense," Remy said.

Dave Cooper, the Northland Alliance representative on hand at the September session, pointed out that would mean two months would go by without a formal meeting.

The August session is given over to the council's annual picnic. While attendance is taken for purposes of meeting bylaws rules, it's primarily a social occasion.

Many organizations get by with a summer recess, Remy indicated. Columbus City Council, for example, takes off the month of August.

Remy also said he has agreed with his counterparts in the North Linden area to sponsor an education forum featuring the interim superintendent for Columbus City Schools, J. Daniel Good. It is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 17, starting at 6:30 p.m. in the Feddersen Recreation Center, 3911 Dresden St.

During his report, Boos pointed out that a number of member organizations are facing suspension of voting rights for missing anywhere from six to 10 consecutive NCC meetings. Among them are Blendon Chase at seven sessions, Peppertree Condominium Association at four, Sprucefield Condominium Association at 10, Strawberry Farms at six, Tanager Woods at seven and Waltham Homeowners Association at five.

Boos said he intends to send a "nudge" letter to the last known contact for these members, warning of their potential suspension and requesting information on whether the organizations still exist.

Suspension is not a punitive measure, he pointed out.

Whether civic groups send representatives can have an effect on whether or not the NCC has a quorum present for a meeting, Remy said.