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Cold weather forces NCC to cancel meeting


For only the second time in recent memory, harsh winter weather, or at least the threat of it, caused the Northland Community Council's monthly meeting to be canceled.

President Emmanuel V. Remy made the decision to call off the Jan. 7 session four and a half hours before it was to begin at the Friendship Village of Columbus. This came a day after Brandon L. Boos, secretary of the alliance of neighborhood civic associations and other community organizations, sent out a reminder email.

"I think, just based on the fact that so many other organizations had canceled meetings and the fact some of our membership is older, I just didn't think there were enough pressing decisions that needed to be made at this meeting to warrant getting everyone out in the cold weather," Remy said later in the week.

An arctic blast settled on all of Ohio and most of the Midwest as well as down into the South last week, sending local wind-chill temperatures into the record-setting, dangerously below-freezing mark fora couple of days.

The only factor that made him pause in calling off the session, Remy said, was the mandate in the organization's bylaws to hold the election of officers at the February meeting, which means creating a nominating committee at the prior month's session.

Remy handled that by a sort of recess appointment, putting Forest Park Civic Association representative Ken Gilbert in charge of finding individuals willing to run for president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

"Competition is a good thing so the more that run, the better," Remy wrote in the email canceling the meeting.

The next NCC meeting is scheduled at 7 p.m. Feb. 4 at Friendship Village, 5800 Forest Hills Blvd.

The last time inclement weather forced cancellation of a monthly meeting, ironically, was the session set for the first Tuesday in February 2011.

Then-president Dave Paul made the decision not to meet Feb. 1 after forecasters predicted an ice storm for the region.