Emmanuel V. Remy said last week he is willing and able to serve another term as president of the Northland Community Council.

Emmanuel V. Remy said last week he is willing and able to serve another term as president of the Northland Community Council.

While he wouldn't mind having someone come along seeking to wrest the post away from him, Remy said he has no objections to continuing to serve his community.

"I certainly would welcome a challenge," the Clinton Estates Civic Association president said. "The more that people are involved within their community, there's generally a correlation with the issues and different things like that. If people are involved in their community and looking out for one another, it's better for everyone."

Remy, who had been serving as vice president, was elected to his current position in February 2012.

He replaced Dave Paul, who stepped down after six years as council president. Paul continues to serve as chairman of the development committee.

Meanwhile, nominating committee Chairman Ken Gilbert said that, with Remy's announcement, he had managed to line up at least one person willing to serve in each of the four officer NCC posts, including president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

It's possible that an almost unprecedented race -- at least in recent memory -- between candidates for some of the officer positions may take place during the February session, at which the election is held.

"I think we're well on our way to having some competition, which is kind of nice," Remy said.

"I do have at least one confirmed candidate for each position," Gilbert said.

While none are new to participating in NCC meetings and activities, Gilbert said at least two of the individuals would be new to holding down offices for the amalgam of civic associations and other community groups in the Northland area.

"I am very encouraged by that," he added.

Gilbert, who anticipated being elected president of the Forest Park Civic Association this week, replacing Mike Stone, said he has only been representing the FPCA at Northland Community Council meetings for the last two years, but has found it to be very enjoyable. It's a pleasure, he said, to sit down with other people who care about their neighborhood and want to represent it with the city.

"It's a weighty responsibility," Gilbert said.

The nominating committee is still open to accepting candidates for the four officer jobs with the NCC, he said.

Nominations are also taken from the floor during the meeting at which elections are held, which the bylaws require to be in February.

The NCC will next meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 4, at Friendship Village of Columbus, 5800 Forest Hills Blvd.

Those interested in running for president, vice president, secretary or treasurer may indicate that by sending an email to Secretary Brandon L. Boos at Brandon.L.Boos@gmail.com.

Gilbert said people may also send him a message over the community council's page on Facebook.