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Feb. 11 breakfast

Professional organizer will to speak at NABA event


Northland Area Business Association Vice President Marci Hasty had hoped to hold a breakfast meeting for the organization in January, but the weather intervened.

The session will now be held from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 11, at the North YMCA, where Hasty is executive director.

A professional organizer will be the guest speaker.

Clintonville resident Catherine Van Volkenburg owns Accent on Organizing LLC and is the current president of the National Association for Professional Organizers, Ohio chapter.

"Reading the magazines, everybody's all focused on organization and New Year's resolutions and decluttering after the holidays," Hasty said. "I thought having a speaker would be a good idea. It's not a sales pitch. It's more of an opportunity for people to get together."

Although intended primarily for NABA members, the breakfast meeting is open to the public, she said.

Those planning to attend are asked to contact Hasty by Sunday, Feb. 9, at 614-885-4252 or by emailing

The North YMCA is located at 1640 Sandalwood Place, off Karl Road.

Van Volkenburg is in her third year as a professional organizer, although she used many of the same principles involved in previous careers, notably with a small architectural firm.

According to the NABA announcement, her experience includes helping E. Gordon Gee move from a large home to a condominium and assisting the staff on the ninth floor of Nationwide Children's Hospital organize their space.

"When I became an organizer, I felt I was kind of filling a gap," Van Volkenburg said. "Part of the whole organizing process is uncovering the way that your client visualizes things. Are they visual? Are they kinetic? Are they auditory?"

Van Volkenburg said the mission of her business "is to create clarity and harmony for my clients by transforming chaos into manageable and pleasant surroundings."

She said she enjoys speaking to groups such as the NABA breakfast gathering.

"My job is really my passion, so I enjoy opening people's eyes," she said. "Basically, we are helping people save time, save money and reduce daily stress, and all of those together are a wonderful thing to have in your life."