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Northland Community Council eyes birthday plans


The president of the Northland Community Council said last week he is attempting to get Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman to commit to being the featured speaker at the organization's annual awards banquet in May.

That's because, Emmanuel V. Remy said, this year marks the 50th anniversary for the creation of the community council, an umbrella organization for the civic associations that came into being for the various subdivisions that make up the neighborhood.

Remy was seeking a volunteer to head a committee to organize the annual awards banquet and add in a birthday party for the NCC.

Technically speaking, as development committee Chairman Dave Paul pointed out, the NCC was formally incorporated on Dec. 14, 1964.

Since the formation took place late in the year, Paul said, waiting until next year would provide nearly a year to celebrate the year of the organization's birth.

"We could go another year," he said.

No decision was reached and no one stepped forward to serve as chairman of either the awards banquet or a joint awards event and anniversary observation.

"This is a very unique banquet in and of itself," Remy noted.

He said the NCC is the only organization in the city that allows members to honor residents in their neighborhoods for making a difference.

At the banquet, NCC hands out community service awards to up to three nominees each from member organizations. Winners are individuals "who have made significant, positive contributions to their neighborhoods," the council's website states.

The NCC president also can present up to three awards to community members for their contributions; other honors are handed out for association of the year, event of the year, publication of the year and Block Watch of the year.

A Firefighter of the Year and Police Officer of the Year are also recognized at the annual banquet.

"No one else throughout the city, to my knowledge, does that," Remy said.