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Vaud-Villities spring show sets sail April 24-27

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Gary Emmit and other cast members rehearse for S.S. Vaud-Villities , to be presented April 24-27 at the Northland Performing Arts Center, 4411 Tamarack Blvd., Columbus. Information about tickets is available online at or by calling 614-262-7469.

Audience members at the 72nd annual production of Vaud-Villities will not be attending as much as they will be setting sail.

The spring performance, S.S. Vaud-Villities, will take place April 24-27 at the troupe's permanent home, the Northland Performing Arts Center, 4411 Tamarack Blvd.

Tickets cost $29 for adults, $25 for senior citizens and students, and $18 for children 12 years old and younger. Information about tickets, including group discounts, is available by calling 614-262-7469.

This year's show has a nautical theme. The cast and crew of about 170 central Ohio performers say "Bon voyage" in boarding a ship that will travel the world in song and dance, according to Maggie Ellison, one of three co-directors.

"Everything's going swimmingly, no pun intended," Ellison said last week.

Russ Coffman and Johnny Steiner are also serving as directors for the production, marking the first time a trio has been involved in that aspect of the show.

"It's kind of a new thing this year," Ellison said.

"We changed it up again this year because we had basically one person in charge. We found it easier to work as our troika."

Past spring shows have involved multiple music directors, but no more than one overall director, she added.

"It's working wonderfully," Ellison said. "Basically, this is how we ended up last year.

"The three of us were filling these roles, but we just didn't have the titles."

S.S. Vaud-Villities will feature songs and dance numbers based on the countries the cast and audience visit during the show, according to Ellison.

"The experience from the audience perspective, we've kind of marketed it as though they get to take a cruise around the world," she said.

"We're kind of engaging the audience," Ellison said.

"There will be voiceovers that will happen and skits that will happen as though the audience is right there on the ship."

Of the 170 or so cast and crew members, Ellison estimated between 15 and 20 percent are new to the spring show.

"We have a fair amount of new faces," she said.

This will mark the third year the homegrown amateur troupe has been at the Northland Performing Arts Center, in a portion of the former Northland Mall J.C. Penney building, and Ellison said it's definitely beginning to feel a lot like home.

"People walk into the building and they know where everything is," she said.

"We've been there now since 2011 so we've settled in. It's a nice venue."