To the Editor:

To the Editor:

We would like to thank everyone involved in the Brookhaven High School Alumni Day farewell celebration on Saturday, April 26.

The crowds were incredible and you could really feel the excitement of each person there ... it was a wonderful gathering!

We were fortunate the "powers that be" agreed to the event so those who wanted and were able to attend could have a time for celebration, reflection and goodbyes. Although it is another memory of our beloved BHS that we sadly add to "our story," we will always cherish the time spent together that day.

As members of the Brookhaven High School Class of 1965, my husband, Ron, and I attended the event on Saturday and totally enjoyed every moment there. Five decades of students, teachers and families, all woven together by heartstrings and great memories of our beloved Brookhaven High School. They may shut the doors and close our building, but the true spirit of BHS -- that will go on forever.

Lynn (Campbell) Lusher