The Northland Community Council has dropped some weight -- dead weight, that is.

The Northland Community Council has dropped some weight -- dead weight, that is.

At the council's June 3 meeting, representatives of member organizations voted, reluctantly but unanimously, to expel two of their number for ongoing failure to attend the gatherings, as mandated in the bylaws.

No one from the Sprucefield Condominium Association has been on hand for 18 consecutive monthly meetings, Secretary Brandon L. Boos said during his report. Tanager Woods has not had anyone present for 15 meetings in a row, he added.

NCC members voted several months ago to send final notices to the last contact person on file for those organizations, as well as for the Village at Preston Woods Condominium Association, which by last week's meeting had failed to have anyone attend for 10 straight months.

"We attempted to notify," Boos said. "I can't say for certain they were received."

Dave Paul, chairman of the NCC development committee, initially proposed expelling all three civic groups for failing to adhere to the bylaws, but Rick Cashman of the Rolling Ridge Homeowners Association volunteered to make one last effort to reach someone he knows in the Preston Woods organization, and that group was dropped from the vote.

Resuming membership in good standing is not difficult, Boos noted. All that's required is an application and to have a representative attend two monthly meetings in a row, he said.

Dropping members for lack of participation is not intended to be punitive, NCC President Emmanuel V. Remy has said in the past. Rather, he indicated, it's done to ensure the organization has a quorum on hand when votes are taken.