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Creators hope Carly delivers message

Crafting a massive milk-carton cow to emphasize the importance of recycling made quite an impression on Antonia Mulvihill's students at Beechcroft High School.

Several offered their thoughts via email on Carly the Cow, the consciousness-raising project which was on display at the Ohio State Fair.

"Carly is an artistic inspiration on the environment, therefore raising awareness on the environment and arts," wrote Jobita Masariegos, who will be a senior at Beechcroft. "Throughout this project, we have focused on how each student has a role on the environment. As young adults, we should be aware of what is going on around us because this will affect us and our future generations."

Mario Lopez, also a 12th-grader, said he wants people who view Carly to "to think of where the cartons would have gone if they were not made into a piece of artwork ... I want them to think about what they see when looking at cow -- not only that it's simply a cow, but what message it conveys."

"Our main goal is to raise awareness of the importance of recycling in the life of teenagers," senior-to-be Daniel Bishoff wrote. "Students can encourage their parents to participate in this life-changing movement."

Brittany Mercer, another member of the class of 2014, said she wants people to realize "that the cartons that went into Carly are only a fraction of what Beechcroft uses in one year. I want the facts and the life-sized image to make people realize how many cows could be built from the milk cartons thrown away each year by students in the U.S.

"This project has taught me a lot of things," she added. "It taught me that art can educate and bring awareness. It opened my eyes to what I and others throw away. It was a time-consuming project, but well worth it."

- Kevin Parks