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Agreements reached on public nuisance motels


The owners of the shuttered Super 8 Motel on East Dublin-Granville Road entered into an agreement with the Columbus attorney’s office Friday, Sept. 8, admitting to operating a public nuisance and receiving permission to resume business Dec. 1.

The company, Northland Hotel Inc., and its four principals are barred from ever again operating a public nuisance in Franklin County, and whoever owns the property at 1078 E. Dublin-Granville Road also never may operate it as such, according to the agreement reached in Franklin County Environmental Court.

Jui J. Lin, Ming Li Lin, Xuan Liu and Xia Zhang are listed as the owners of Northland Hotel Inc. in the court document.

At the same time, according to Assistant City Attorney William A. Sperlazza, some the owners of the Super 8 also own the nearby Best Western, 888 E. Dublin-Granville Road, which became the subject of a nuisance complaint and settlement Sept. 5

Jui J. Lin, Ming Li Lin and Xia Zhang, along with their company, Columbus Hotel Inc., entered a guilty plea to operating a public nuisance. They were ordered never to do so again and no one else may operate a public nuisance on that property, as in the Super 8 agreement.

Further, the agreement calls for a police officer or a licensed security guard to be on the premises a minimum of 16 hours a day, along with other security measures, such as a high-definition camera system.

The owners and operators also are required to maintain a “do not rent” list of people who are not allowed to rent rooms or even visit others at the Best Western, as part of the agreement.

Under the Super 8 deal, the defendants were given specific dates in which they could enter the boarded-up motel to remove items like towels and bedding and to go in to begin repairs.

Super 8 may become an active motel again after Dec. 1 only if the facility passes a variety of inspections.

The Best Western nuisance complaint lists a variety of undercover purchases of drugs at the motel, as well as results of a warrant executed April 4 on a specific room in which 57.27 grams of cocaine, 14.82 grams of heroin, 3.2 grams of marijuana and a digital scale reportedly were seized.

Along with listing several instances of arrests in Best Western rooms, the complaint states police were called to the East Dublin-Granville Road property 306 times in 2013.