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Volunteer award nominations deadline nears


The time to nominate an outstanding volunteer to be honored by the Northwest Civic Association is at hand, Board of Trustees President John Ehlers said last week.

The deadline for nominating this year's recipient of the Anna Mildred Henderson Award for Community Service is March 1.

At their March 6 monthly meeting, members of the board of trustees will form a committee to study the nominations.

The committee members will make their eventual selection by the second week of March.

The award will be presented at the association's annual meeting at 6:30 p.m. April 17, in room 213 at Meadow Park Church of God on Bethel Road.

"In the recent past, it has been civic association volunteers," Ehlers said. "We'd had a couple of trustees receive the award."

But, Ehlers said, by no means is the award limited to residents of the Northwest Side.

"It's especially for people outside of area who are exemplary volunteers," Ehlers said.

"These may be people who participate in projects initiated at places of worship or schools," he said.

"It could be things related to city services. It could be for children or seniors.

"It's for anyone who's doing volunteer work someone feels they should be recognized for that work."

Several nominations have been received, Ehlers said.

"But I know that there must be many more people out there," he said.

"While I know that there are a lot of people close to our organization who are deserving, I don't want this to be about Northwest Civic, but the area at large, really extending out to central Ohio," Ehlers said.

The award was established in 1989 as a memorial to Anna Mildred Henderson, a principal founder of the Northwest Civic Association who passed away the year before at the age of 76.

"For many decades, the Henderson family farmed land in the Henderson Road area, before it was incorporated into Columbus, and had a homestead where Borders Bookstore (was) located," according to a civic association document.

"Anna Mildred Henderson recognized that Columbus would expand, and formed NWCA to help channel development in a positive direction. In this and other ways, she championed citizen involvement at the grassroots level to improve local neighborhoods," the document said.

Those eligible include individuals, civic and neighborhood groups, area commissions and other volunteer organizations in Franklin County.

Nomination forms are available at They may be completed and mailed to P.O. Box 20134, Columbus, Ohio, 43220, or scanned and emailed to