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NWCA head urges people to make road needs known


With last week's announcement from City Council and the administration that the proposed capital improvements budget contains $65 million for road resurfacing this year and next, Northwest Civic Association President John Ehlers urged residents of the area to be vocal in speaking up about local streets that need attention.

For his part, Ehlers said he would be urging the overall capital budget, which currently stands at $379 million, include funding for bike paths serving the Northwest Side, including one along West Dublin-Granville Road between Linworth and Sawmill roads and another along the Scioto River.

Also requiring attention, in the NWCA president's view, are the intersections of Henderson and Olentangy River roads and Riverside Drive and West Dublin-Granville Road.

But when it comes to the resurfacing program, which was described as "unprecedented" in announcements following a joint press event with Mayor Michael B. Coleman and council members, Ehlers said it might a case of the squeaky wheel getting the grease.

He suggested that people who feel their streets have been neglected should start dialing 311.

"The earlier the better," Ehlers added. "Things move up and down the priority list based on what they hear."

Ehlers did note some sections of Bethel Road are "particularly bad," and other major arteries on the Northwest Side are in need of attention.

"The city certainly makes an attempt to keep up with it," he said.

The proposed $65 million resurfacing investment, which will cover 145 miles of roads and 30 miles of alleys, will bring to $110 spent on road surface upkeep and improvement since 2010, according to the joint announcement from the mayor's office and council.