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Community liaison officer introduces himself to NWCA


The new Columbus Division of Police community liaison officer for the precinct that covers the Northwest Side was on hand at last week's monthly meeting of the Northwest Civic Association.

Officer David W. Morgan introduced himself to the NWCA Board of Trustees as the 17th precinct's liaison. He replaces Officer Carl Johnson, who retired.

A former Secret Service agent, Morgan said he's been with the Division of Police for nearly 20 years, and hopes to serve another five before retiring and concentrating on fishing.

Most of his time with the department, Morgan added, has been spent working high-crime inner city precincts.

"This is a lot different ... but it's a nice change," he said.

The community liaison officer's duties, according to the website of the Division of Police, is to meet with groups and individuals regarding criminal activities and prevention.

Liaison officers also help the precinct's sergeant and other officers in responding to specific problems "and quality of life issues," the site states.

Morgan did offer a warning, of sorts, although there seems like little residents can do about his particular type of crime.

It's a lock-picking technique called "bumping," he said.

It involves inserting a soft material roughly the shape of a key into a keyhole. The material will then harden in the shape of the key it's taking the place of, and open the lock, the officer said.

A dozen such crimes had been committed in the two weeks prior to his appearance at last week's meeting, according to Morgan.

"Apparently they're professionals, and they know what they're doing," he said.