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NWCA board of directors won't meet in July


In keeping with longstanding tradition, the Northwest Civic Association Board of Directors won't meet again until the first Wednesday in August.

July gets skipped.

"We've always taken a Fourth of July break because the meeting always falls within a couple of days of it," Board President John Ehlers said last week.

"It's also a time that the city takes a break," Ehlers said.

"A lot of the activities that go through us are sort of used to taking a few weeks off or so in July and August."

Columbus City Council, for example, takes a break from meeting during the month of August.

In spite of an increase in zoning matters coming before board members in recent months, Ehlers said skipping the July meeting has not normally resulted in a crowded agenda for the return to monthly gatherings in August.

"We find that we typically don't get a big backlog, at least in the past," Ehlers said.

When NWCA board members return from their break on Aug. 7, they already know one item will be on the agenda.

"Devayani Puranik, senior planner for the City Department of Development, will present a new overlay for the state Route 161 commercial corridor west of Linworth Road, and answer questions," according to the civic association's website.

"It's something that they've been working on for a couple of years, and I think that's a culmination of nearly two years of effort and lots of community input that we're looking forward to adopting it and forwarding it to the city for their adoption," Ehlers said.

Well, maybe not a lot of community involvement.

In a June 12 email updating Ehlers on not only the West Dublin-Granville Road commercial overlay but also ones proposed for Henderson and Reed roads, Puranik wrote:

"You might remember, we held an open house for the overlays a few months back.

"We sent mailings to all the property owners within overlay boundary to invite them for the open house. We didn't receive any comments from the SR-161 property owners at that time.

"So we resent the mailing to give them another opportunity to contact us regarding any issues.

"We still haven't received any comments."