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Decision delayed on apartment complex signs


Stanley Young of the Columbus Sign Co. will go back to his client to see how much of the medicine Northwest Civic Association Board of Trustees members prescribed for approval of two signs that person is willing to take.

Young appeared at last week's monthly trustees meeting seeking a graphics variance and special permit to install two signs, one on Kenny Road and the other on Henderson Road, for Benchmark Apartments.

The client is requesting variances for both sides from the required 15-foot setback from the property line to eight feet, Young told the trustees.

The Henderson Road side would sit atop a retaining wall, he said. It would be 6 feet, 2 inches tall and 18 feet wide, consisting of 1-inch by 2-inch strips of cedar supported on aluminum tubing.

The variance for the Kenny Road sign would be needed because it's technically considered off-premises, not on the same parcel as the entity being advertised, according to Young.

That sign would be of the same design, but 4 feet, 6 inches tall and 13 feet wide.

Some trustees said they believed the graphic Young had showing the proposed location for the Kenny Road sign was not very exact.

External lighting pointing toward the signs might also be included, the apartment owner's representative indicated.

In both instances, graphics and zoning committee Chairwoman Rosemarie Lisko and Trustee Kellie Ehlers urged Young to get his client to agree to some landscaping around the bases of the signs.

They also suggested the appearance of the signs might be greatly improved with a retaining wall or stone placed around the posts.

Chairman John Ehlers suggested Young should return to his client to determine the will to agree to some of the conditions proposed by the civic association's board members.

"We'll come back with a better, more accurate location," Young promised.

Kellie Ehlers also suggested the variance request include language relating to the maintenance of the cedar strips.

"I can see that looking ratty very quickly," she said.

The next NWCA meeting is April 2, which is still more than two weeks before the apartment complex request goes before the Graphics Commission.

John Ehlers told Young the matter could be disposed of at the outset of the session.