Braxton on Bethel marks the latest in a slew of multi-unit residential projects on the Northwest Side.

Braxton on Bethel marks the latest in a slew of multi-unit residential projects on the Northwest Side.

The 114-unit residential hotel, otherwise known as an extended-stay facility, will be located on Slade Avenue west of Godown Road in a vacant field previously inhabited by trees, shrubs and overgrown grass.

"It was a tough site to develop," said Tre Giller, president and CEO of Metro Development, the company building the complex.

"That's why it's been sitting there so long," Giller said.

The five building, three-story project occupies 5.1 acres directly to the north of the Bethel Centre.

Braxton is a modern development with amenities such as clubhouse, pool and dog park, Giller said.

"The housing options in the area of are an older stock," he said.

Metro, a division of Donald R. Kenney & Co., chose to build an extended-stay hotel because the current zoning allowed for it, Giller said.

A traditional apartment complex would have required a rezoning, he said.

Yet, Metro is still beholden to certain standards of apartment communities.

For example, Braxton will have 204 parking spaces, where city code requires 171.

Giller said Braxton will provide lease flexibility to those in Columbus on work assignments, hunting for a house or unsure of their final destinations.

"We do see a diverse group of residents who choose to live in and occupy our particular developments," he said.

The one- and two-bedroom units will lease For $950 and $1,200 a month, respectively.

Metro Development has done similar projects throughout central Ohio, such as Remington Woods in Lewis Center, Prescott Place in Crosswoods and NorthPark Place in the Polaris area.

Giller said Braxton would be an attractive building that would complement the area.

"I think it's going to add to the neighborhood, not detract from the neighborhood," Giller said.

Braxton on Bethel joins newer developments in the area, including Taylor House at Olentangy River Road and Bethel, Madison Park at DeSantis Court and Henderson Road, and Kendall Park, which is set to open on Kenny Road, between Bethel and Henderson, this spring.

All were built by Preferred Living, a local developer.

The Benchmark, built by ZBP Properties Ltd., opened a few years ago at the northeast corner of Henderson and Kenny.

Metro will share its plans with the community at the Feb. 3 Northwest Civic Association meeting, said Rosemarie Lisko, zoning chairwoman of the organization.

She said the few reactions she has received from the proposed project's neighbors have been generally positive.