The Liberty Township-Powell YMCA will hold a health fair from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 9, at its facility at 7798 N. Liberty Road.

The Liberty Township-Powell YMCA will hold a health fair from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 9, at its facility at 7798 N. Liberty Road.

The fair will feature health care professionals, vendors and YMCA program instructors.

"This is the third year for the fair," said Michele Cannell, YMCA health and wellness director. "We like to have it in January because that is when people make those New Year's resolutions to get healthy and we like to provide them with information at the health fair so they can have a more well-rounded healthy lifestyle."

This year attendees will be able to get health related information from a variety of professionals including:

Ophthalmologists who will perform basic vision testing and talk about eye health.

Chiropractors who will discuss healthy spine alignment and bring a machine that analyzes a person's spine alignment.

A massage therapist who will provide free 10-minute chair massages.

A meditation counselor who will teach people how to relieve stress.

The Delaware General Health District, which will provide health-related information including its walking program for senior citizens.

The YMCA staff, which will provide free blood pressure and fitness tests, and answer basic questions about fitness.

Fair visitors also can get information and orientation about the Y's exercise programs and equipment at the facility.

Every January, the YMCA gives away three-day passes for people to try out the facility and classes, Cannell said.

Whether people's resolutions are to start exercising or to add rigor to their current program, the YMCA has programs to help meet those goals, said Lolita Haverlock, YMCA program director.

New members can take a "Healthy Start Class" and meet with trainers to develop a personalized fitness program. The seven-week class meets once a week.

"We have a very non-threatening, comfortable, family oriented environment, where (members) can come in for a small group setting and learn how to put together a (fitness) program and start out their wellness on the right foot," said Haverlock.

The YMCA group exercise classes - such as Zumba dancing, Bosu stability exercises, cycling and Pilates - are fun and can be modified to the beginning or well-trained level.

For the well-trained person, the YMCA is offering small group training classes such as "Insanity Boot Camp" and "P30X," which is 30 minutes of high-intensity workout.

Overall physical activity is important, Haverlock said.

"That piece of the healthier body is important, but it also reduces stress. We're spirit, mind and body at the Y," said Haverlock. "The biggest thing with the Y is the community piece of it. We're family-based, so when you are here working out, there's also stuff for your children. It can be a family event."

For more information on the health fair or other YMCA offerings, visit or call (614) 839-9622.