The city of Delaware is seeking public input on plans to improve safety at the intersection of U.S. Route 23, state Route 315 and Stratford Road.

The city of Delaware is seeking public input on plans to improve safety at the intersection of U.S. Route 23, state Route 315 and Stratford Road.

Officials have identified a variety of potential fixes, including major and minor road realignments, in an effort to reduce congestion and prevent crashes.

A public meeting is set from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 24, at Delaware Township Hall, 2590 Liberty Road in Delaware.

During the meeting, officials will discuss the findings of a study of the intersection and review potential solutions. Drawings and maps of the alternatives and environmental considerations will be on display.

Project consultants will be on hand to answer questions, and residents will be encouraged to fill out a comment form to share additional thoughts and preferences.

"We want to hear from property owners, business owners and residents who wish to comment and tell us how it impacts them," city Engineer Bill Ferrigno said.

Officials said some change is necessary; the intersection currently experiences a crash rate that is more than double the statewide average.

Since 2009, there have been 56 crashes, resulting in 16 injuries and one fatality.

In addition, the offset configuration of state Route 315 and Stratford Road contributes to congestion in the area.

"We could leave it the way it is, but we recognize that this is a very dangerous intersection," said City Manager Tom Homan.

The project has been under consideration since 2005, but local officials only recently began to pursue it when about $2 million in state funding became available, according to city spokesman Lee Yoakum.

Signal timing was tweaked last year to ease congestion. Now, three road realignment options are being considered.

Leaders said one of those plans strikes the best balance between improving safety and minimizing the impact on surrounding property.

Under the plan, Stratford Road would be rerouted to intersect with Route 23 about two-tenths of a mile north of the current intersection. Both right- and left-hand turns onto Route 23 would be permitted at the new intersection.

The section of Stratford Road leading to the current intersection would be left as is, but turning at the intersection would be restricted to right-hand turns onto Route 23 northbound.

Motorists traveling southbound on Stratford Road could choose either path at a fork located about three-tenths of a mile north of the current intersection.

Another option under consideration would be a minor realignment of state Route 315 so it intersects directly with Stratford Road.

Ferrigno said that option wouldn't do as much to reduce crashes or congestion.

A major realignment of state Route 315, rerouting the road so it intersects with Route 23 north of the current intersection, would improve safety but would be more expensive and has environmental complications.

Officials hope to select a plan by mid-March and complete an environmental study by December.

Engineering and design could be completed by April 2014, if all goes according to plan. Construction could begin as early as March 2015 and be completed by November of that year.

Ferrigno said it's an "aggressive" timeline.

For more information, email city project engineer Jessica Ormeroid at