The most-senior member of the Liberty Township board of trustees officially announced last week that he will not seek re-election.

The most-senior member of the Liberty Township board of trustees officially announced last week that he will not seek re-election.

During a discussion on the proposed Joint Economic Development Zone at a July 17 meeting of Powell City Council, Trustee Curt Sybert said he will instead focus his attention on getting the possible ballot issued passed.

"I'm not running for re-election because this issue is so important," he told council. "I can't run two races."

Sybert, whose second term expires at the end of this year, said a political action committee will be formed to promote the JEDZ once it is officially approved by trustees at a special meeting next Thursday, Aug. 1.

Aside from Sybert's strong desire to pass the issue, first announced June 14, he said he knew in March that he would be ending his 17 years of service to the township.

"I gave myself a deadline of St. Patrick's Day to make a decision, and that next day I informed most of the important people to me," said Sybert, who prior to being elected trustee spent nine years on the township zoning board. "It was a decision I had to make, because I don't want the township, my businesses or my family to suffer."

In addition to being a veteran trustee, Sybert also is a member of the Delaware County Port Authority, the Columbus, Delaware and Ohio bar associations, the Ohio Township Association and the Ohio Supreme Court 's Unauthorized Practice of Law Board.

Since 2004, Sybert has been a partner at Scherner & Sybert LLC, and he co-owns a medical supply company called Linebacker Inc. with his brother, David.

"Realistically, I spend 30 percent of my day on township business. I get calls from staff and I meet regularly with people who are interested in doing business," he said. "That 30 percent of my time and three nights away from my family that I'm giving was between 20 and 25 percent two years ago. It's nothing against the other trustees and the work they do, it's just those are the demands of being the senior trustee."

Sybert and his wife, Robin, have lived in Liberty Township for 21 years. Their daughters, Kiersten and Kelsey, both currently attend college. He said he promised them when he first ran for office eight years ago that his terms would be limited.

But that doesn't mean he wants to stay out of politics all together. Sybert said he plans to run for Delaware County judge in the future.

Sybert's spot won't be the only one up for election this fall. He said Trustee Mary Carducci also will relinquish her seat without a fight. Her first term expires at the end of this year.

Although the filing deadline with the Delaware County Board of Elections for potential candidates isn't until Aug. 7, three hopefuls who'd like to join Trustee Melanie Leneghan in January have made their intentions known.

Shyra Eichhorn, Tom Mitchell and local developer Vince Margello all have returned petitions to the board of elections to be considered for the ballot. Phillip A. Craig and Craig Schweitzer, who has run twice for the Ohio House of Representatives, signed out petitions from the board of elections office, but have yet to return them.