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Olentangy school board race

King has guided growth, hopes to control taxes


In his three decades of living in the Olentangy Local School District, Dave King has witnessed its transformation from a system of rural schools to one that educates more than 17,000 students in 23 buildings.

The incumbent school board member said his knowledge of where the district has been and his desire to drive where it's going is why voters should re-elect him Nov. 5.

"I worked hard to understand our school district, and part of that comes from having lived here so long and seeing the change at all levels of growth -- the number of buildings, state funding and how taxpayers voted for levies, and how our current superintendent and administration team, unions and board have all worked together in partnership to reduce costs," said King, who is serving in his first term.

In order to have a second term, he will have to defeat at least one of the other three candidates on the ballot. Board member Julie Wagner Feasel and newcomers Katy Barricklow and Brian Helwig also are gunning for the three available seats.

King said he likes to keep his finger on the pulse of the district by participating in committees and collecting community feedback.

The board liaison to the Olentangy Education Foundation, King also has served on the district's 2020 and Business Advisory committees and recently was appointed to the newly formed Strategic Plan Task Force. Prior to being elected to the board, King served on the Development Committee for 11 years.

"Nobody else has been doing what I'm doing to that level, and I'm quite proud of that," he said. "I want to continue that through another term and in particular with the Strategic Plan Task Force, because it's the chairs of all these other committees coming together to evaluate where the district should go with its current budget, building and education plans, and I want to see these things through."

King said he is especially interested in stretching the 2011 levy to last beyond three years, as promised by the board. He said until the district has to go back to the voters, he would continue to support policy that provides the highest level of learning at the lowest possible cost so that the levy millage doesn't need to be increased.

"A lack of state funding has been a challenge for our taxpayers, and we've had good conversations with state representatives, and that's been very positive and will continue," he said.

"We know we're not where we need to be -- and I don't want to pay any more property taxes either and it'd be nice if we didn't have to rely on property taxes -- but that's our world right now," he added. "We know another levy won't be necessary until (2015), and I want to keep exploring how to make sure we're asking voters to approve the lowest possible amount while maintaining our excellent school district."

King, 66, has owned the architecture firm Horne & King for 35 years.

He and his wife, Patricia, have lived in the district for 27 years. They have one son, who graduated from Liberty High School.

To learn more about King's campaign, visit ReelectKing4Olentangy.com.