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Townships join forces to attract trash hauler


Liberty Township is moving forward with a joint bid process that is expected to net substantially lower trash-hauling and recycling rates for residents.

On Monday, Oct. 7, trustees approved a resolution that will put out a joint request, along with Orange and Genoa townships, asking for bids from independent contractors.

"We think that what we've drafted represents the needs of all three townships and could represent a significant cost savings," said Mark Fowler, a Delaware County assistant prosecutor.

The legal notice requires all bidders to provide unlimited curbside refuse and garbage collection, including yard waste and bulk materials, to all single-family homes and condominiums.

Townships also are asking that bidders include recycling in the three-year contract. Bidders would be required to provide two 18-gallon recycling bins to each household.

Another stipulation of the contract would give those homeowners ages 62 years and older a 10 percent discount on services. Those who require garage-side pickup because of health or mobility issues will receive the service at the same rate as other residents under the contract.

Until the bids come in, it's unknown what kinds of prices residents could be looking at, but Township Administrator Dave Anderson said because the township has never had a trash contract, some residents' bills are $100 more on average than residents whose municipalities have forged deals.

"What we're doing here is using the economies of scale to get the best deal possible for our residents," he said.

Anderson noted that one of the most-common resident complaints is about expensive trash service that is not unlimited.

The contractor also will be expected to provide free services to all township buildings and parks, including the fire station.

The legal notice also asks bidders to be prepared to hold informational public meetings in each township to establish accounts and explain the transition.

There is no guarantee that contractors will bid on the contact, Fowler said, but if they do, all three townships likely would have to agree on the terms for the chosen hauler to move forward with the contract.

"I've been opposed to one trash hauler because I really did not think we could get this, but I hope it works out," said Trustee Curt Sybert. "I think it's a good deal."