Powell City Councilman Brian Lorenz prides himself on keeping up with the pulse of the community.

Powell City Councilman Brian Lorenz prides himself on keeping up with the pulse of the community.

"I just hope to invest my time in the next four years in continuing to do that and serving the wishes of the residents," said Lorenz, who is running for a second term. "I feel this job really requires someone who listens and does the will of the people that voted."

Lorenz is one of seven candidates campaigning for four seats on council. He's up against fellow council members Sara Marie Brenner, Tom Counts and Jim Hrivnak, as well as Francis Bertone, Sarah Minto and Daniel Swartwout.

Lorenz, who manages a team of urban planners at WD Associates, an engineering and architecture firm in Dublin, said it's most important for him to keep residents' wants and needs in mind when developing the city.

As a member of the city's development committee, he and other council members are working on plans to connect bike paths. Lorenz said the connections aren't just important for active residents, but also vital to the relationship with Liberty Township leaders.

"We need to get together to talk about where these two entities can leverage our resources for projects that make sense, because all the Powell residents are township residents, too," he said.

Along with Councilman Jon Bennehoof, Lorenz introduced the One Community initiative. Leaders of both entities recently voted to accept the good-faith resolution that promotes a spirit of cooperation between Liberty Township and Powell.

Lorenz said his focus also is on improving traffic conditions in the city and maintaining infrastructure such as roads and the sewer system -- especially as commercial and residential developers continue to show interest in building in the city.

"One of the things I've always been pushing for is smart growth," he said. "I want to follow our land-use plan and our zoning map and I think that our staff does a good job in bringing applicants.

"As a planner, one of my strong suits is to understand and realize what may be happening behind a developer coming to the city," he added. "It's important to hold our developers accountable to adhere to certain standards and not necessarily about giving people free passes, but really working to negotiate key details."

Prior to his 10 years with WD Associates, Lorenz worked in municipal development in Grove City and Pickerington.

In addition to serving on the development committee, he also is the chairman of the operations committee and a member of the recently created Seldom Seen Park planning committee.

During his first term, Lorenz, who is LEED-accredited, took a lead role in the project that resulted in adding solar panels to City Hall and building a solar pavilion at the police department and Village Green Park.

He also invited residents who were affected by identity theft to attend a workshop at his home. He said the workshop helped the police department gather facts about the ring of thefts so it could continue an investigation.

Lorenz, 40, and his wife, Sue, have lived in Powell for seven years. They have four children who attend Olentangy schools.

To learn more about Lorenz and his campaign, search "Lorenz for Council" on Facebook.