Students returning to Olentangy High School this fall will learn under a new roof.

Students returning to Olentangy High School this fall will learn under a new roof.

The Olentangy school board voted 4-0 last Thursday, March 13, to approve a $1 million project to replace most of the roof at the high school.

Devon Immelt, the district's public information coordinator, said no one incident led to the board's decision to replace the roof, but the structure already is past the replacement date set when it was originally installed.

"It's past its replacement time and the district has worked hard to keep that roof maintained past its (usable life)," he said.

He said the replacement project was not related to damage caused by a 2010 windstorm that tore off part of the roof. The storm also caused significant damage to the high school's gym floor.

"That damage was previously repaired and paid for through insurance," Immelt said.

The district has contracted with Design Build Solutions of Cleveland, which submitted a $1,014,600 bid for the project. The roof will be installed by subcontractor Sky Roofing.

The district expects construction staging for the project to begin in the last week of May. Construction is slated to begin May 27 and end Aug. 8, five days before the 2014-15 school year begins.

The contractor will remove the existing EPDM rubber roof and replace it with a modified bitumen roof, known for being durable and weather resistant.

The new roof will come with a 30-year warranty.

Design Build Solutions used a competitive bid process to select the subcontractor for the installation job. According to documents released by the district, Sky Roofing was the only contractor that submitted a bid for the job under $1 million for its portion of the work.

Sky Roofing submitted a bid of $914,620, while four other roofing contractors submitted bids of more than $1.1 million.

The district also received bids to replace the roof with another EPDM rubber roof at a minimum cost of $833,871 with a 15-year warranty before choosing the modified bitumen roof with the longer warranty.

"The option we went with is the one that provides a much longer warranty for only a fraction of the cost more," Immelt said.