If a black cat crosses your path at the Humane Society of Delaware Coun-ty this month, consider it good luck.

If a black cat crosses your path at the Humane Society of Delaware Coun-ty this month, consider it good luck.

The agency is offering discounted adoption fees for black dogs and cats in May as part of its "Back in Black Adoption Special."

Carol Girberd, grant manager for the Delaware County Humane Society, said the agency can have a tough time finding homes for black dogs and cats.

"They typically spend more time in the shelter than any other color dogs or cats," she said.

Girberd said potential pet owners give reasons that range from ill-informed to superstitious for their refusal to adopt a black dog or cat. She said, even in 2014, she's heard people say they won't adopt black cats because they bring bad luck.

Humane Society spokeswoman Misty Bay said via email that it's unfortunate that old superstitions can be hard to dismiss. "It's quite sad, really, that many people still believe in the myths that black cats bring bad luck, are skittish or tend to be sneaky," she said. "In reality, every animal has a unique personality that has nothing to do with its coat."

Girberd said people tend to label black dogs unfairly as well. "They (view) them as aggressive or mean," she said. "We're trying to shine a different light on them."

Bay said the Humane Society has installed skylights in its dog and cat adoption rooms to literally shine a different light on its animals. She said the skylights let potential owners get a better view of all animals and provide the dogs and cats with a healthier environment.

Until May 31, the last day of the adoption event, the agency will give discounts on a sliding scale to people who adopt a black dogs and cats.

Normal adoption fees at the agency are $117 for dogs; $137 for puppies; $60 for cats; and $85 for kittens.

In May, adoptions fees will be reduced by $40 for pets that are are covered in black fur; $30 for pets that have mostly black fur; $20 for pets that have half-black fur; and $10 for pets that have some black fur.

The society's hours also changed this month. Adoption hours of 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays went into effect May 1. The agency is closed on Mondays.

For more information on the adoption program and to see available animals, visit hsdcohio.org/backinblack.