After an impressive oak tree died in front of a South Liberty Street business, the owner wanted to make sure a piece of it lived on.

After an impressive oak tree died in front of a South Liberty Street business, the owner wanted to make sure a piece of it lived on.

With just a 6-foot stump left of a once "beautiful 80-year-old," Craig Sedoris, co-owner of the cleaning and handyman business More Time for You, said he recently started looking for artisans to shape the stump.

Sedoris reached out to Ted Scherer, a prolific chain-saw artist from Galloway, after workers cleared the majority of the tree off the site in early July. Scherer said he could carve the stump into anything the business owner wanted.

Sedoris sketched out the two logos he wanted carved into the stump: More Time for You's clock face and the city of Powell's sun. He had to draw the images out for Scherer because Scherer, ironically, has little artistic talent when it comes to pencils and paper.

"I can't draw a lick," he said. "Maybe the Lord will explain that to me one day."

Scherer got to work Aug. 13 and had the project completed by the next afternoon.

The carvings should stand the test of time as long as someone applies a coat of polyurethane to them once per year, Scherer said.

"It will be here after he's gone, I'll say," Scherer said, gesturing at Sedoris.

That's fine with Sedoris, who said he wanted the stump to be a lasting landmark on the site.

The clock on the stump is set at 6:01, in honor of co-owner Pam Sedoris' June 1 birthday. More Time For You's logo features three clocks, set at times honoring Craig Sedoris' son, father and mother.

He said he thought it was only fair his wife finally got some recognition.

Sedoris said he contacted Powell City Manager Steve Lutz shortly after he got the idea for the carving. Lutz confirmed the city would be happy to let the company use its logo on the stump.

After completing the logos, Scherer stained and painted the carvings. Sedoris said he was pleased with the results and planned to take steps to accentuate the stump at night.

"We'll probably do some light evening lighting that will bring it out some," he said.

More Time for You moved to its current location at 185 S. Liberty St. in 2011 after building a new structure on the site. Sedoris said he tried to take special steps not to disturb the tree during construction.

"We made that a focal point of the building," he said. "As a matter of fact, all of the architectural work was designed to keep that tree."

The care taken by the business seemed to pay off initially, but the construction likely took its toll on the tree.

"The first two years it was fine, but this year we could tell the leaves just weren't coming out," he said.

The business consulted with multiple arborists, who confirmed the tree was dying.

Sedoris said it would have been easy to have the tree removed completely, but he thought the carvings were a great way to pay homage to the site and community's history.

"We're proud of being a part of the Powell community," he said. "We're proud of our business being here."