Preparation for Powell's community garden should start to bear fruit in the spring.

Preparation for Powell's community garden should start to bear fruit in the spring.

City officials and residents have been planning for the garden, which will be located near the front of the city's Arbor Ridge Park, since spring. The park is southwest of the intersection of Bennett Parkway and state Route 750.

At its last meeting in August, Powell City Council allocated $5,000 for the garden's development, which matched a $5,000 grant from the local Kiwanis Club.

"The bulk of those dollars will be allocated toward providing water to the site," city spokeswoman Megan Canavan said.

City officials hope work on providing water to the garden, along with construction on the garden's raised beds, is completed by the 2015 spring planting season.

Before the physical construction work is completed, rules and regulations for the park need to be developed.

"The hope is that the guidelines will be developed late fall, early winter," Canavan said.

City officials also want to create a board of volunteers to help write and enforce the garden's rules.

A few guidelines already have been set. For instance, the city's parks and recreation director has stated the garden will be organic to comply with environmental regulations on parkland.

Canavan said residents also will pay some sort of fee to use plots at the garden, although an amount has not been determined.

Along with giving residents a space to grow fresh vegetables, the garden is expected to serve a charitable purpose.

Canavan said the city will reserve its own plot for classes and programming. Any vegetables grown in that plot will be donated to local food pantries.

Residents also will have the chance to donate any produce they grow.

The Delaware General Health District has expressed interest in helping with the garden. District officials have said they see community gardens as a way to get county residents to eat more vegetables.

Residents seeking more information on the community garden project or a way to get involved may email Canavan at