To the editor:

To the editor:

This is in response to Mark Youngkin's letter in the July 24 edition of ThisWeek Pickerington.

Mandatory curbside recycling is wrong because it is mandatory. Perhaps some folks need to consider what mandatory recycling means. It means you are being told to clean all your recyclables, sort them and then turn them over to Waste Management so they can sell them, make a profit and then charge you for doing so.

Mandatory -- that is the problem. Many Pickerington residents recycle. Some of us save and sell our aluminum cans and scrap metals. Many of us turn our recyclables in at the recycling bins at our local school to support the schools --not to support Waste Management. That is our right and I resent a suggestion that it be taken away from us.

Perhaps while we are at it, we should make it mandatory that everyone drive a Chevrolet, dress in pink and dye his/her hair orange. What would you say to that?

I moved to Pickerington 10 years ago and although I don't always agree with every decision the city council makes, I must say that they are always willing to listen to the community and what the community wants and vote the will of the majority. I think that is called democracy.

Look at the statistics. I believe we can conclude from the educational and economic demographic of our residents they are intelligent enough to make their own decisions about recycling.

I'm sorry you are disappointed with our council's decision If mandatory anything is progressive, I'll stick with being traditional.

Also, please note: I am not Dan Smith the school teacher, so leave that poor man alone. Every time I write to the editor, people call him up and give him holy heck. If you have a problem with my opinion, write the editor of this newspaper.

Dan Smith