A suspect in a 2007 Pickerington home invasion and murder was arrested this week on federal drug charges.

A suspect in a 2007 Pickerington home invasion and murder was arrested this week on federal drug charges.

Robert Brandon Ledbetter, 32, of Columbus was arrested Monday, May 23 by the Columbus District of the federal Drug Enforcement Agency on felony charges of possession of 2,000 pounds of marijuana, with intent to distribute.

During the course of the arrest, which involved a Pickerington police officer working on a regional drug task force team, Ledbetter was identified as a suspect in a November 2007 home invasion and murder that occurred at a Simsbury Court home.

Fingerprints later confirmed Ledbetter's identification in connection to that case. In addition to the felony federal charges, for which he's being held in the Franklin County Jail in downtown Columbus, Ledbetter is facing felony of charges stemming from the alleged Pickerington incident of conspiracy to commit aggravated murder, complicity to commit kidnapping and complicity to commit robbery.

According to the Columbus District of the DEA, Ledbetter and others were under investigation for some time when agents arrested him near the area of Broad Street and Stelzer Road, just south of Port Columbus International Airport.

"We were investigating a large-scale marijuana operation here in Columbus," said Ken Etchison, resident agent in charge in the DEA's Columbus District Office. "During surveillance, we watched some people take possession of a vehicle that contained literally a ton of pot.

"We arrested those individuals, and one of them was Mr. Ledbetter."

Etchison said Ledbetter attempted to flee from drug agents, but was apprehended without incident. He wouldn't say if the suspect had any other drugs or weapons at the time of his arrest, but said two other people were arrested.

Ledbetter is facing five to 40 years in prison if found guilty of the federal drug charges.

As for his alleged crimes in Pickerington, Pickerington Police Cmdr. Matt Delp said a warrant was issued for his arrest last February after an investigation concluded he and three other suspects forced their ways into the Simsbury Court home on Nov. 3, 2007 in an apparent attempt to rob the home and its occupants of money.

As a result of the home invasion, Rodricos Williams, who lived in the home, was shot and killed.

Delp wouldn't say if Ledbetter is believed to be the gunman in that case, but said the three other suspects are in prison on unrelated charges.

Ledbetter is facing a life sentence if found guilty of the Pickerington murder. He also is facing 10 to 15 years in state prison if convicted of complicity to commit kidnapping, and an additional two to 10 years in state prison if convicted of complicity to commit robbery.

As recently as May 11, Ledbetter was identified as a wanted individual by Central Ohio Crime Stoppers, which said he was one of four people who forced their way into the Pickerington home and shot and killed a male resident who resisted.

Crime Stoppers also said a female resident was threatened at gunpoint and robbed in the presence of small children.

According to Pickerington police, Ledbetter was arrested in January by Columbus police for felony fleeing. He wasn't an official suspect in the Pickerington home invasion and homicide at that time.