To the editor:

To the editor:

As the mother of four children, three of whom will attend Pickerington schools this fall, I have a vested interest in the future of our school district. As the owner of a local financial planning firm, I also realize the importance of maintaining our community's excellent reputation in education. Pickerington is a wonderful place to live, work, and do business.

The Pickerington Local School District needs our support on Aug. 2. Our district received an "excellent" rating on its most recent Ohio Department of Education report card. Our district made gains in math, reading and science during the past school year.

Our district exceeded the overall state proficiency average in all 26 performance indicators. The class of 2011 earned $17.9 million in scholarships. There are many impressive statistics to be cited. As a parent, I also get to see first-hand that our children receive a high quality education in Pickerington schools.

As we should expect, a high quality education comes at a price. But, did you know that the Pickerington Local School District provides this high quality education at a lower price than similar districts and for less than the state average cost per pupil?

Our students exceeded state proficiency averages in every academic area while our community spent significantly less per pupil than the state average.

It is clear to me that Pickerington schools are a good value and they are a tremendous asset to our community, as well.

The upcoming levy is vital to the future of our schools and to the future of our community, which must maintain its excellent reputation.

On Aug. 2, I will be voting for the levy. I urge my fellow residents to do the same.

Lori L. Embrey