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Planners OK drive-thru for new Greek restaurant


A new Greek restaurant slated to open on Hill Road North, received a Conditional-Use Permit from the Pickerington Planning and Zoning Commission for the installation of a second drive-thru window Oct. 9.

The commission voted 7-0 to allow "The Funny Greek" restaurant to place the drive-thru window at the rear of the west side of the building it will share with the Shell Gas Station at 1225 Hill Road North.

The approval is conditioned upon the placement of bollards around the door on the rear of the building and, in order to lessen congestion, the marking of two of the nearest parking spaces to the building for "compact cars only."

Another condition is that the plan will have to gain final approval from City Engineer Greg Bachman to go into effect.

The restaurant will be located on the former site of M&M Chicken and Fish.

According to Pickerington Development Director Joe Henderson, the restaurant will "have a counter inside to order as well as they are attempting to get a drive-thru."

He told the Commission a potential problem could exist with the drive-thru being in the rear of the building.

"The third car in line could block clearance where no car could get around the back of the building," Henderson said.

Todd Dillon of the Anchor Co., representing the Funny Greek, said the 17 feet of clearance called for in the plans are sufficient under city code.

"That dimension is larger than the 11 feet required," Dillon said.

Commission member Josh Binkley agreed with Dillon.

"Seventeen-foot clearance minimum has been more than adequate in the past, it's typically 15 feet," Binkley said.

"The purpose is to try and corral vehicles in a single lane, not to promote two lanes of traffic," he said.

"I like the narrower throat because it dissuades people from exiting from anything more than a single lane," Binkley said.

Binkley advised Dillon the restaurant, which plans to install an exterior grease interceptor, will have to comply with environmental standards when cleaning it.

"People want to wash them down, keep in mind any water you use to spray that down is technically contaminated," Binkley said.

"It needs to go into the sanitary system, it can't go into the storm water (system)," he said.

Henderson said the building at 1225 N. Hill Road had the first drive-thru approved in 2005.

"We've been on this site multiple times over seven years with multiple tenants." Henderson said.

"The concern is (if) there is enough axis to turn.

"I'm not overly concerned with the parking spaces, they're an existing condition, I'm concerned with the (second) drive-thru," Henderson said.

Funny Greek owner Tony Korreshi, who owns another eatery in Reynoldsburg by the same name, said he plans to open his restaurant "around Thanksgiving."

"Actually, we have 3 to 5 weeks worth of remodeling to do," said Korreshi, who added although he hopes to seat at least 14 patrons, his business will be primarily geared towards the customer who seeks fast service.

"It's will be a 'quick lunch, go back to work' type place," Korreshi said.