The city of Pickerington will have a General Fund operating budget of $8.13 million in 2013.

The city of Pickerington will have a General Fund operating budget of $8.13 million in 2013.

Pickerington City Council unanimously approved the budget, which went into effect Jan. 1, 2013, at a third reading of legislation Dec. 18.

Director of Finance Chris Schornack said the city is projecting a total increase in revenues of about 3.5 percent over the 2012 budget, which he attributed to an increase in income tax collections and building permit fees.

Schornack also said the city is projecting a carryover balance of $2.34 million in the city's "rainy day" fund at the end of 2013.

Council has appropriated $500,000 from these reserves for street paving in the Spring of next year.

Schornack said he did not expect layoffs in city staffing for next year and no major increases in departmental spending, with the exception of a General Fund increase in Police Department spending. There were no layoffs in 2012 either.

"The Police Fund's reliance on the General Fund is increasing by $450,000," Schornack said.

"(There are) no other significant increases other than the $500,000 in the Street Fund for paving in 2013," he said.

Dec. 18, City Council also unanimously passed it's five-year Capital Improvements Plan for 2013-2017.

Among the water projects slated for 2013, $80,000 will be allotted for the design of a new well at the city's water treatment plant, $75,000 for the construction of the Longview tank altitude valve vault and $50,000 for raw water conversion on Hereford Drive.

Pickerington has allotted approximately $2.65 million for two large CIP wastewater projects next year.

"The city will be coordinating a projected $850,000 expansion of the Leisure Drive sewer pump station to handle increased wastewater flows (from) the OhioHealth site in addition to more anticipated development activities along the Refugee corridor," said Bill Vance, Pickerington city manager.

"Another wastewater improvement will be the projected $1.8 million upsizing of the Sycamore Creek sewer trunk-line that is a collector for Pickerington's Hill Road South Wastewater Treatment Plant," Vance said.

In addition to the $500,000 targeted for annual street and alley resurfacing, $110,000 will be appropriated for design and engineering costs for the Meadows/Milnor/Pickerington Road realignment and the state Route 256 safety improvement project.

The city's Parks and Recreation CIP for 2013 include $75,000 budgeted for the construction of restrooms and a shelter at the Diley Road ballfields and $20,000 for a rest area and water fountain installation at the trailhead on the corner of Wright and Diley Roads.