1921: Although Violet Township High School first opened its doors on East Street in Pickerington during 1907, it was 1921 when the school's first basketball teams were formed.

Pictured here are seven members of the women's team taken when they played their first Fairfield County Basketball Tournament at Liberty Union High School in 1921.

Team members are identified (from left) as: Mary Hempy, Evelyn Myers, Lura Lane, Mary B. Kraner, Dorothea Kraner, Kate Keller and Mary Mohler. The woman in the center of the photo is unidentified.

In 1940, Violet Township High School's name officially was changed to Pickerington High School because some community leaders felt Pickerington's population eventually would far outweigh that of Violet Township.

Pickerington High School girls dominated Ohio high school basketball during the 1990s. During that time they won six state championships.

NOW: The girls at both Pickerington high schools continue to excel in basketball.

Members of the Pickerington High School North Lady Panthers 2012-2013 basketball team shown in this photo (from left) are: row 1-Brittany Johnson, Christy Macioce, Morgan Bassett-Smith and Jordan Toohey; row 2-Megan Marasco, Aubrey Lukacsko, Jordan Andrews, Courtney Kemmerling and Alex Baldwin; row 3-Blake Collins, Rachel Moore, Lauren Butler, Alayna Khan, CiCi Bickham and Emily Thomas.

The girls basketball season at both PHS North and Central runs through early February.

When spring basketball comes to an end, plan to visit the Pickerington-Violet Township Historical Society Museum.

Located at 15 E. Columbus St. in Olde Pickerington Village, the museum will be open each Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. beginning April 6, 2013.

The museum contains more photos of Pickerington sports teams in addition to a display of graduation photos of Violet Township-Pickerington High School classes from 1909 through 1981.

During the winter months, visit the Historical Museum's website: pickeringtonhistoricalsociety.com to see local historical photos.

Direct questions about the Pickerington-Violet Township Historical Museum to pickhistsociety@hotmail.com.

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