The small white farmhouse on Amanda Northern Road in Violet Township sits abandoned, weathered by time and neglect.

The small white farmhouse on Amanda Northern Road in Violet Township sits abandoned, weathered by time and neglect.

At no cost to the owner or Violet Township taxpayers, the house and at least eight other deteriorated structures will be demolished courtesy of a grant from the Ohio Attorney General's "Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Program."

The program was created as a way to promote stable communities by removing the blight and decay associated with abandoned homes.

Fairfield County was awarded more than $500,000 to remove abandoned, vacant and blighted homes, part of the $75 million allocated to all of the Ohio counties as a result the March 2012 national mortgage settlement.

Violet Township Chief Zoning Inspector Kelly Sarko said the township has applied to the county to have a total of nine structures razed.

Sarko said a vacant house has to meet specific requirements under the Ohio Revised Code to be demolished. Criteria include it needs to be dilapidated, have all of its utilities disconnected and be identified as a safety hazard.

She said Violet Township is in the process of reviewing demolition bids for two properties: 7265 Amanda Northern Road and 9720 Blacklick Eastern Road.

The home at 9720 Blacklick Eastern Road, owned by Creekside Community Church, has been vacant since mid-2000.

As part of the demolition process, the house had to be condemned. Violet Township received two bids from contractors to demolish the structure.

The township will pay the contractor for the demolition work and then get reimbursed from the state funds.

"We already have gotten two bids in vastly different (price ranges)," Sarko said.

She said one bid was $18,500 while the other came in at $38,000.

"We're (also) waiting on a bid for the sealing of the well," Sarko said.

According to Sarko, the farmhouse on 7265 Amanda Northern Road, owned by S.R. 33 LLC, has not received any demolition bids as of yet.

The property is zoned commercial, and once razed will clear the way for a proposed office/warehouse development called Sycamore Crossing Industrial Park, which developers hope will eventually occupy 60 acres at the corner of Basil-Western Road and Amanda Northern Road.

Violet Township Director of Operations Bill Yaple said the two afore-mentioned properties will both be the subject of a public hearing Wednesday, March 20, at the Violet Township Board of Trustees meeting.

Yaple said the hearing is simply a technicality in that its purpose is to provide the property owner the opportunity to voice any objections to demolition.

"Part of the (demolition) action is that we have to schedule that hearing," Yaple said.

"If no one objects, then (the meeting) is closed," he said.

"All the property owners have to be notified so they can speak for or against (demolition)," Yaple said.