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Pickerington flushing hydrants throughout city


As part of its routine water distribution system maintenance program, Pickerington will be flushing hydrants throughout the city this spring.

A tentative schedule is now available so residents can be prepared when their particular neighborhood will undergo flushing.

Pickerington water customers should avoid doing any laundry when hydrant flushing is scheduled in their area so as to prevent rust stains in their clothing, said city officials.

City officials also said that despite the appearance of temporary rusty or cloudy water, it is safe to drink.

Gary Armentrout, chief operator of the city's Water Treatment Plant, said hydrant flushing is necessary "to remove any silt, rust and debris that may have accumulated in the water system."

He said the process involves isolating some areas, such as a subdivision, to reverse the normal direction of flow.

"Approximately every third fire hydrant is opened to flush the line feeding it," Armentrout said.

"This usually takes about 10 minutes per hydrant in most cases," he said.

"This reverse flow helps loosen any deposits that might have accumulated in the lines," Armentrout said.

Hydrants will be flushed between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. The remaining tentative maintenance schedule includes:

* Today, April 4, through April 12 -- West Columbus St. to Hill Road S.; Sycamore Creek; Stonebridge; Meadowbrook; Manor House; Marie Ave.; Willow Pond; Pine Ridge; Sycamore Creek Condos.

* April 15-19 -- Long Rd. W. to Diley Rd.; Colony Park; Violet Springs; Hill Rd. N. to Courtright Dr.; Lakes Edge; Pickerington Run; Cherry Hill; Hill Rd. N. to Pizza Cottage; Jericho Rd.; Bercley Cottages; Courtright E.

* April 22-26 -- Old Diley Rd.; Kroger; Windmiller; Refugee Rd. to Police Dept.; Pickerington Ridge Apts.; Pickerington Pointe; Fairfield Sq.; Manors at Cross Creek; Hill Rd. N. to Turnberry; Waterstone Landings; Overlook Condos.

* April 29 through May 3 -- Melrose; Inverness Glen; Mingo; Refugee E. to Hill Rd.; Pickerington Meadows; Cardinal Apt.; Center St.; Villas of Milnor Cross; Town Square Villas; Columbia Place; Milnor Place; Homestead Drive; Old Downtown.

* May 6-10 -- RaMar Estates; Pickerington Hills; Fanchers St.; Raine St.; E. Columbus St.; Root Addition; Shadow Oak; Simsbury; Shawnee Crossing; Opportunity Way; Lockville Rd.

Residents who have questions about the hydrant flushing program can call the city at (614) 833-2292 or visit the city's website at www.pickerington.net.