Pickerington Times-Sun

McDonald's seeks variances for planned renovations


Pickerington's three-member Board of Zoning Appeals unanimously approved variance applications by McDonald's Restaurants, located at 1091 Hill Road North, at its April 25 meeting.

McDonald's made variance requests for building and parking setbacks along Hill Road North and for parking setbacks along Refugee Road.

McDonald's is planning to undergo a series of renovations to its restaurant that includes a building addition to enclose its existing children's play area, which is called the "Playplace."

Project Manager Lynsey Ondecker of the GPD Group said the remodeling project also includes "a reconfiguration of the drive-thru area and the parking lot for more parking spaces and better site circulation."

April 25, McDonald's was granted a variance to reduce the building setback along Hill Road North from the required 50 feet to 47.5 feet so it can enclose the Playplace.

"The proposed McDonald's remodel consists of adding a 24-foot addition to enclose the existing Playplace and make it accessible all year," Ondecker said.

A request for a change in the parking setback along the restaurant's front yard facing Hill Road North, reducing it from the mandated 30-feet down to 14.85-feet, was also granted.

"The restaurant does not provide sufficient amount of parking stalls during peak hours," Ondecker said, adding "additional parking stalls will aid in the on-site circulation and better serve the community."

Additionally, McDonald's was granted a variance to reduce the parking setback along Refugee Road from its current 30-feet down to 20-feet so it can provide for additional parking in that area of its property.

Ondecker said the restaurant will remain fully open during the all of the renovations.

Pickerington City Planner Clement Chukwu said there is no set timetable for the renovations to be completed.

"How long it takes is would be entirely up to the developer," Chukwu said.

He said McDonald's next step is to obtain a "Certificate of Appropriateness" approval from the Pickerington Planning and Zoning Commission for the project's site plan and architecture, and then undergo an administrative approval process.

"(The) third step would be submitting for building permits plan review, (that) usually takes two to three weeks," Chukwu said.