The Violet Township Fire Department has taken delivery of another crucial piece of machinery in its life-saving arsenal.

The Violet Township Fire Department has taken delivery of another crucial piece of machinery in its life-saving arsenal.

Medic 592 is a Horton 623 Type I aluminum body mounted on an International chassis.

When it's not out servicing the community, the emergency medical vehicle will take up residence at Station 592.

The Violet Township trustees unanimously passed a resolution last October to purchase the new medic from the Horton Company of Grove City.

The vehicle arrived at Station 592 April 15 to be striped and have its decals installed.

Then it was whisked away to Indianapolis, where it was prominently displayed with other Horton-produced emergency vehicles at a national fire equipment convention before returning to Violet Township.

"It's here at Station 592 on Refugee Road and awaiting the final install of radios and several mounting brackets," said John Eisel, Violet Township Fire Chief.

"We hope to have the vehicle in service in the next few weeks," Eisel said.

He said the new vehicle was purchased for $214,000.

According to Horton Co., the Model 623 body is the largest standard body the company produces for emergency vehicles.

"The vehicle features a totally new design in the patient compartment which is designed to improve crew safety and ease of access to the necessary equipment," said Eisel.

He said he expects the vehicle to be 'user-friendly' because it was designed "with the input and planning of a core group of paramedics that use the vehicles each day and (includes) features they felt were most beneficial."

Other matters

In other news, Eisel gave kudos to all the fire agencies that responded to a devastating house fire on Rambling Brook Drive in Pickerington about noon May 5.

"Great cooperation between the fire crews from Violet and Truro Townships, city of Columbus and Basil Joint Fire District," Eisel said.

He said the fire was "well-advanced" when the Violet Township Fire Department first arrived and all crews worked hard to contain the blaze to the house.

"Damage was limited to this home, as neighboring homes were protected as well to make sure the fire did not damage them," Eisel said.

The top floor of the house was destroyed, Eisel said, and the estimated the monetary loss of the structure is $150,620.

"A daughter was home at the time of the fire, who was alerted by the family dog and smoke detectors," Eisel said.

"There were no injuries," Eisel said.

He said the fire started in the rear of the structure and the fire investigation remains ongoing.