Pickerington Times-Sun

2013 paving program

Curbs, ramps, resurfacing to be addressed


The city of Pickerington is preparing to undergo its 2013 paving program, with legislation authorizing the work expected to be in front of City Council for a first reading Tuesday, July 2.

As is the case with Violet Township, Pickerington chose The Shelly Co. to do the work.

"The Shelly Co. will be the general contractor in charge of completing this year's resurfacing contract," said Scott Tourville, Pickerington city engineer.

He said the "engineer's estimate," which included additional funds to do curb repair work, was $525,000.

Tourville said The Shelly Co.'s bid came in at $513,036.15, which was the lowest bid.

"We will be completing curb repairs, ADA curb ramp upgrades, pavement repairs and resurfacing on streets citywide," Tourville said.

He advised City Council's Service Committee June 19 the resurfacing work is expected to commence in early August, after legislation authorizing it winds its way through the three required readings at City Council meetings.

Tourville said the entire resurfacing process is expected to take six to eight weeks.

The paving could stretch "into October if needed, but ideally we'll be doing the work in August and September," he said.

Mayor Lee Gray inquired about whether the proposed paving contract allows The Shelly Co. to keep the "aggregate" or surplus paving materials.

"Do they deduct (money) if we let them keep it?" Gray asked.

"A lot of times when they have (excess) millings, they recycle it," Tourville said.

"If we want to keep it we would have to pay for it," he said.

Gray said the excess paving materials could be utilized to remediate other areas in Pickerington in need of paving, particularly the Farmer's Market parking lot at 89 N. Center Street, which is now gravel.

Tourville said per ODOT requirements, the millings go to the pavement contractor "unless specified otherwise."

"The contract is set up with a 5 percent contingency if we desire to go after the millings, additional contingency can be negotiated," Tourville said.

"Because we have a line-item contract, we have some extra funds in case those particular quantities run over a little," Tourville said.

"As for excess millings, the contingency could be used for costs associated with that work if needed," he said.

Tourville said the contract with The Shelly Co. was bid "on a per unit basis."

"We pay a set bid price for each foot of curb and each square-foot of asphalt milled," Tourville said.

The Service Committee voted 3-0 to approve the paving contract and move it forward to City Council.

A considerable amount of resurfacing will be done in the Meadows Boulevard area this year. According to Tourville, streets that will be "milled and filled" with one and a half inch asphalt include:

Meadows Blvd; Evening Way; Swallow Ct.; Oriole Ct.; Loving Way; Hillview St.; Cardinal Ct.; Robin Ct.; Bluejay Ct.; Wren Ct.; Streamview Ct.; Longview St.; Mackenzie Dr.; Macfie St.; Bristo St.; Lauriston Ct.; Fair Oaks Dr.; Willard Dr.; Nadine Ave.; Anita Dr.; Dunvegan Cir.; Dunvegan Ct.; and Hill Rd. South.

Diley Road will also have a "pavement rejuvenator" applied from the north side of Busey Road to north of the George's Creek bridge, Tourville said.