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Council hears man's concerns about Wright Road


A Violet Township resident appeared before Pickerington City Council's Safety Committee July 17 to voice concerns about two traffic-related problems on Wright Road.

Tim Roehrenbeck said he has lived on Schoolhouse Road in Violet Township for more than 17 years.

He told city officials an 11-foot tall sound barrier in the city at the northwest corner of Wright and Diley roads is a recurring safety hazard for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Roehrenbeck said the sound barrier, installed several years ago when Diley Road was widened, lines up snug to the intersection and thus presents a visibility issue.

"If you're going south on Diley (Road), you can't really see somebody that's sitting on Wright Road making a left turn.," he said.

"If you're on Wright Road and making a left turn it's the same issue, you can't see," Roehrenbeck said.

"If you're on Wright Road headed east into Pickerington and want to make a right on red, you basically have to pull up past the stop bars," he said.

Roehrenbeck suggested the city consider removing the last section of the sound wall.

"It's a visibility issue," he said.

"You're trying to avoid someone going through that light at 50 mph," Roehrenbeck said.

Despite vehicular injury accidents there May 28 and June 1 of this year, City Engineer Scott Tourville said the intersection was not identified as dangerous by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission.

"There's quantity and quality," said City Councilman Jeff Fix.

"For quality it doesn't measure up, but severity (means) it's a different level of fender bender.

"It seems like the wall is blocking visibility," Fix said.

He advised Tourville to conduct a review of the issue "and come back with ideas" about how to remediate the problem.

City Manager Bill Vance suggested Tourville look into eliminating right turn on a red light at the intersection.

Roehrenbeck also expressed concerns about road conditions and excessive speeding on Wright Road, which is in Violet Township.

He said the recent fatal accident June 28 involving a 16-year-old Pickerington youth in which two other teenagers were seriously injured is evidence more needs to be done to reign in speeding.

He said to the best of his recollection there have been five other fatal accidents on the stretch in the last 10 years.

The road also undulates, which creates hazardous conditions, Roehrenbeck said.

Pickerington Police Commander Matt Delp said there is indeed a "ramp" near the intersection of Schoolhouse and Wright Roads that is dangerous if one is traveling at a high rate of speed.

"As you travel west on Wright Road there is a shift in the road to the left," Delp said.

Roehrenbeck said people simply need to slow down on Wright Road.

"People are going too fast for a narrow county road," he said.

"There have been a lot of near miss deals when people are turning into their driveways."

The posted speed limit for Wright Road is 50 mph.

Violet Township Director of Operations Bill Yaple said the road is a Fairfield County road and not maintained by the township, except for snow removal.

Roehrenbeck said he will send a letter to both Violet Township and Fairfield County officials to advise them of his concerns.