Pickerington's Planning and Zoning Commission continues to review and approve patio applications for establishments wishing to offer dining "al fresco."

Pickerington's Planning and Zoning Commission continues to review and approve patio applications for establishments wishing to offer dining "al fresco."

The latest application was for Lomonico's, a family-owned restaurant set to open in October at 1506 Stonecreek Drive.

Lomonico's co-owner, Mark Lomonico, appeared before the Planning and Zoning Commission Sept. 10 to make his pitch for an outdoor service facility, or patio, to be located on the east side, or front, of the restaurant.

He said the patio, measuring 585 square-feet, would be enclosed by wrought-iron railing.

"We'll have a gate so you can get out of the patio area without having to go back into the facility," Lomonico said.

The Commission approved the application by a 5-0 vote.

Lomonico's Restaurant will open next door to Roosters, which also has a patio.

Roosters' patio application was approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission last December.

"We share a wall with (Roosters)," said co-owner Craig Lomonico.

The Planning and Zoning Commission also required Lomonico's patio to match Roosters patio in "height, style, materials and color" so as to establish uniformity in design.

Craig Lomonico will run the restaurant with his brothers Mark and Jeff. He said it was important to offer an outside option to potential customers when the restaurant's design team was coming up its concept.

"Outdoor dining is important to an awful lot of people," Craig Lomonico said.

"We like to sit outside. It definitely sways where we go to eat," he said, adding Lomonico's patio will seat 40 people.

The Planning and Zoning Commission recently approved other patio applications for food service businesses in Pickerington.

In August, a 330 square-foot patio was approved for Firehouse Subs in the Creek Bend Business Park at 152 Clint Drive.

Rude Dog Bar and Grill, located off Blacklick-Eastern Road, received approval for an extension, from 560 square-feet to 902 square-feet, for its patio in March.

Last February, an unnamed restaurant obtained Commission approval for an 800-square-foot patio in Pickerington Plaza, a three-building shopping center currently being developed by North Star Development on the southeast corner of Hill Road North and Blacklick-Eastern Road.

Other patios approved by the Pickerington Planning and Zoning Commission in recent years include The Wine Guy, La Fogota and Don Patron.

Pickerington's Zoning Code mandates minimum requirements for patios.

It states they must be "reserved and subdued in style" and constructed of "a ferrous or non-ferrous metal."

Depending on proximity to residential areas, closing times for patios vary.

The code also requires no sound emanating from loudspeakers or amplifiers "shall be audible at the property line."

City Development Services Director Joe Henderson said outdoor dining is a trend that is here to stay.

"Over the last few years outdoor patios have been very popular among restaurants around central Ohio and across the country," Henderson said.

"Pickerington has seen this growing trend with restaurants looking to expand their dining opportunity options."