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Violet Township trustees race

Griscom challenging incumbents Dunlap, Myers


Election Day Nov. 5,, voters in Violet Township will determine whether incumbent trustees Terry Dunlap Sr. and Harry Myers Jr. will retain their seats or if write-in candidate Dan Griscom will unseat one of them.

They are running for two spots on the Violet Township Board of Trustees.

Dunlap, 73, is seeking his sixth term as a trustee.

He said he is committed to ensuring Violet Township remains fiscally strong.

"I will continue to be a strong fiscal watchdog of taxpayers' dollars and will look for grants and alternative funding sources," Dunlap said.

He said his record reflects a dedication to providing needed services for township residents.

"I will continue to work to provide superior roadways, senior services and park space so that our friends and families can travel safely and have activities close to home," said Dunlap, adding strong fire and emergency medical services also remain a priority.

Dunlap stressed the importance of managed growth and said under his watch there will be "no rubber-stamping of re-zoning."

He said he wants to expand Violet Township's development agreements with other entities "to attract commercial development so that we'll have funding resources other than from taxpayers."

Harry Myers Jr., 64, is seeking his fourth term as a Violet Township trustee.

He said Violet Township must continue to seek more economic development, especially in light of state funding cuts to local governments.

"Anything to help out our tax base as long as it fits our community," Myers said.

He said there is always a need "to stay ahead of the curve" when it comes to sufficiently maintaining both the fire department and EMS services.

Myers said Violet Township does have a Port Authority that he would like to see utilized more. He said he will also continue to work "to get possible state and federal funding streams" to help pay for services.

He said the current trustees "are in the midst of going through our entire budget. In the future we may have cuts to balance our budget."

Myers said in doing so he is looking out for the best interests of township residents.

"We want to make sure our residents get services they expect and are entitled to," he said.

Griscom, 55, said he was prompted to run after he learned Dunlap was involved in an accidental shooting of a student while conducting a firearms training class in Fairfield County last August.

"It did not make sense that he would handle a gun in a classroom without checking to see if the gun was loaded," Griscom said.

"It troubled me to the point where I felt there should be a different person serving in his position as township trustee," he said.

Dunlap declined to comment on the incident.

A special prosecutor was appointed by Fairfield County Judge Richard E. Berens in September to determine if the incident merits criminal charges.

Griscom retired as treasurer for the Pickerington Local School District last February.

"There are areas where I think township services can be improved and I would like to make a positive difference," he said.

One of those areas Griscom said could be improved is trash collection services in Violet Township.

Currently township residents contract with multiple trash hauling companies for their waste removal.

Griscom said Violet Township can do better by using the township's "significant buying power on behalf of all residents" to contract with one company for trash pick-up.

He also said he would like to see curbside recycling for all residents.

Griscom said he pleased by the support he has received for his campaign thus far.

"It is clearly very difficult to win a race as a write-in candidate, but I feel it can be done," Griscom said.