Pickerington Times-Sun

City begins residential leaf collection program


Pickerington leaf collection crews will be a familiar presence over the course of the next couple of months, vacuuming leaf piles throughout city neighborhoods.

City Services Director Ed Drobina said he will again utilize two separate three-man crews that will operate city trucks which are equipped with leaf boxes.

If a resident should miss the scheduled pickup, he said they will get another collection opportunity later.

"We always go back through the subdivisions after the scheduled pickup dates and we will go through each subdivision before we put the equipment away for the season," Drobina said.

He said if a resident misses the second go-around, then they are on their own.

"Once we take leaf boxes off the truck, we do not put them back on for a missed pile of leaves," Drobina said.

"At that point residents would just need to put leaves in a trash bag and set (them) out for trash collection," he said.

The city is requesting all residents rake leaves to the front of their property by the beginning date of the pickup week for each designated area.

Drobina said it is also important to make sure catch basins or storm sewer inlets are not obstructed, thus leaves need to be piled on the curb lawn and not in the street edge.

"Piling leaves onto catch basins can block the water from following into the basin or even clog the storm drain system, which could flood the street or even private property," he said.

It is important to note the city does not pick up sticks and limbs, Drobina said.

Once the leaves are collected, they will be hauled either to Kurtz Brothers or other local nurseries where they will be used for compost.

The city has scheduled, with the beginning date of each week, the following areas and subdivisions for leaf collection:

•Monday, Oct. 14 -- Downtown area, Shadow Oaks, Simsbury, Shawnee Crossing, Root Addition, Center Street, East Street.

•Monday, Oct. 21 -- Colony Park, Manor House, Meadowbrook, Pickerington Hills, Ramar, Melrose.

•Oct. 28 -- Carpenter Addition, Long Road, West Columbus Street, Pine Ridge, Downtown area, Fox Glen West and East.

•Nov. 4 -- Melrose, Pickerington Meadows, Cherry Hill, Colony Park, Manor House, East Street, Lakeview, Homestead Drive.

•Nov. 11 -- Stonebridge, Pickerington Run, Root Addition, Refugee Road, Hill Road North, Meadowbrook, Pickerington Hills.

•Nov. 18 -- Fox Glen East and West, Preston Trails, Manchester, Sheffield, Longview Acres East and West, Georges Creek, Villages of Sycamore Creek, Melrose.

•Nov. 25 -- Lockville Road, Homestead Drive, East Street, Lakeview, Center Street, Hill Road South, Colony Park, Shadow Oaks, Downtown area, Manor House.

•Dec. 2 -- Spring Creek, Carpenter and Root. According to the city, this marks the last week of leaf pickup, and remaining piles throughout the city will be removed.